The bridge between a video-idea and having a final film ready is a complex process, especially when working with ambitious projects. This is why we put great effort into planning our productions as thoroughly as possible. We bring our customers the best product by creating a well-planed production and by keeping them updated in the process.

Here's how we kill it:

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Thorough planning is essential to every project. We gain an in depth understanding of your company's values and target group, to create unique content that'll make your company stand out. By getting to know you and your values, we're able to tell your story in the most distinct way possible.



We always work with pro-level gear, both in terms of camera, sound gear, and lighting. But no piece of equipment is better than the person behind it, which is why we put a lot of work into knowing our equipment and it’s capabilities, so that we can create crisp and smooth images. By doing so we ensure a professional look and feel to the film whilst maintaining an overall focus on storytelling.



It it is the editing that the film is made. We use multiple of Adobe's professional editing softwares to put together your film. Whilst small single-person edits are easily managed, larger more ambitious edits demand well structured workflows to ensure the best results. Therefore we are always improving our processes to enhance the end result.



We work with professional sound engineers and composers to create optimal quality and music tailored for you. By doing so, we're able to create sound and melodies that help tell your story in a memorable way. Whether it's speak, a sound logo or even a specially produced track for your video - we're ready.



Pictures don't have that glow by nature. The colors in our photos and videos are manipulated to look crisp and clean whilst supporting the story. We record of shots in raw and log-curves, thus allowing us to create much more rich and stylized looks in the post-production process.



We work with talented graphic designers and animaters to create impressive visuals for your product. We use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator to create graphics, text, and logo animations. All of this ensures you the perfect end result.



We deliver a draft of the final product and bulletproof the end result in collaboration with you, to create the best and most accurate product possible. We take pride in happy customers and do our best to keep you satisfied.



Even the worlds best film is worthless if no one sees it. This is why distribution of your film is just as important as the film itself. We care deeply about getting the most out of your content, that is why we provide you with guidance on how to distribute your film and photos online. Along with this, we also offer professional consultancy on how to utilize the content most efficiently on social media.

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