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In summer of 2018, we were contacted by Adorno who wanted us to provide video content to their Now Nordic design exhibition that focuses on Nordic craft design today.

Together with the client, we came up with the concept of "The Designers of Now Nordic" where we would show one designer from each of Nordic country and experience the methods and thoughts behind their work. Sound was a big focus of the project as a medium for showing the work and materials that go into making every piece of design.

We chose to work with the unconventional 9x16 aspect ratio to break with the norms of classic cinematography, just as the designers in the films break the norms of traditional Nordic design. The unusual aspect ration also plays well into Adorno's strong online presence on social media and on their website, but also as a part of the physical exhibitions of the Now Nordic design collaboration.




Tinna Gunnarsdóttir was born in Iceland in 1968. She gained her design education in England, Germany and Italy and has been running her design studio in Reykjavik since 1993. Her work has been widely exhibited internationally. Currently she is a professor at Iceland University of the Arts. Through everyday objects and design research Tinna reflects on the environment whether it be domestic or the natural. She puts material and technology into unexpected circumstances generating a different perspective, an expanded experience, a twisted context. Her life-long immersions in Icelandic landscapes contribute to her understanding of spatial awareness, formally expressed through material objects.




Jonas Edvard is a young Danish designer working and living in Copenhagen. In all his work, he takes an alchemist’s approach to design, experimenting with natural resources and creating products whose striking materiality, used in a brand-new context, gives new life to the object itself. Edvard is committed to exploring the possibilities of sustainable design, and he pursues his work with a strong focus on the aesthetic value and functionality of raw materials, investigating the history of their use and the future of their existence.




The Norwegian/Danish designer duo Pettersen & Hein, who with their artistic and sculptural designs have gained massive international recognition. As a part of Adorno's Now Nordic Collection, Lea and Magnus are showing how the merge of Art and Design plays and increasingly bigger role on the contemporary Nordic design scene.



The creative heart of Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche can be found in their large studio in Södermalm, Stockholm. Housed in an underground garage, it functions as much as a showroom for their work as a place for hands on experimentation, with a well-equipped workshop at the back. This sense of experimentation, in particular in textiles, can be felt throughout Emma and Fredriks work, which often has a tailored, yet playful touch. The stools in their series Succession, for example, are dressed in leather and textile that has been tied with ropes and then baked, in order to create new shapes. In their new collection, Wood Tailoring, they have experimented with “extreme sewing”, combining wood and sewing, in a way never seen before. 



Tero Kuitunen works as a spatial and product designer in Helsinki. He has graduated as a designer from the Applied Arts MA program at the Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture.  Tero works as a product, concept and interior designer in projects for clients such as Supercell, Absolut Vodka, Aalto University and Ivana Helsinki. He is one of the founders of the Finnish award-winning brand Andbros. Currently Tero is working as a freelance designer with a vast experience in the design field. He has participated in international exhibitions and fairs in e.g. Beirut, Stockholm, Japan and Italy.  He was awarded with the 2nd price at Ekodesign competition at Habitare Fair in 2013 and received a one-year working grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation in 2017. Tero was the curator of the Keskeneräiset Utopiatexhibition in 2017, held at The Sunila Pulp Mill and a residential area designed by Alvar Aalto in Kotka, Finland.

Throughout his work, Tero wants to find something that moves and touches people. Materials and colours are often his biggest inspiration when starting a new design project.




"Part II Productions with Mathias Skaarup Schmidt as director has done a great job in the task of visualizing the story and we are all very pleased with the result!"



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Assistant Editor

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Client Producer


Featured Designers

Mathias Skaarup

Rasmus Leo Phöenix

Mathias Skaarup

Nikolai Du

Louis Jablonski

Rasmus Leo Phöenix

Louis Jablonski

Mathias Skaarup


Martin Clausen

Kristian Snorre Andersen


Tero Kuitunen

Tinna Gunnarsdóttir

Jonas Edvard

Lea Hein

Magnus Pettersen

Fredrik Färg

Emma Marga Blanche


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