In the beginning of 2018, we were contacted by SONY Music who wanted us to write and produce the trailer for one of the flag ship audio books on their audiobook platform, Movellas. 

The original novel "One Man's Treasure" by Fay Rahman, is the story of a young man that gets send back in time whilst trying to escape the curse of his family. It mainly takes place in Victorian London which made lighting, location scouting, and wardrobe especially challenging.

We were in charge of the full production and pre-production including writing, story boarding, location scouting, wardrobe, casting, equipment renting, producing, make up, directing, and shooting. After several weeks of pre production, we shot the whole trailer in just one day.


After the visual were captured we recorded the voicer over with the renowned David Bateson in collaboration with Torsten Larsen from Sound Everest. We then edited, made visual effects, and color graded the film whilst working in close collaboration with Torsen Larsen on the sound design.



"Part II Productions with Mathias Skaarup Schmidt as director has done a great job in the task of visualizing the story and we are all very pleased with the result!"


“One Man’s Treasure - Trailer” has acquired 1,4m views as of June 2018.



Director & Editor

Director of Photography


Production Manager

VFX Supervisor & VFX Artist

Sound Designer

Production Assistant

Behind The Scenes

Digital Image Technician

Make-Up Artist



Client Producer

Client Producer


Voice Over




Mathias Skaarup

Christian Ranby

Christoffer Holst

Mads Kjærbo

Adam Hegedüs

Torsten Larsen

Caroline Brix Glud

David Mikic

Faidao Chitphumisak

Emma Egholm Gravenhorst


Sony Music Denmark

Narin Frausing Korkmaz

Peter Grønbæk


David Bateson

Magnus Bruno

Theis Post

Sofie Lohmann


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