We've been privileged to get involved with a wide array of interesting and awesome projects.

Buckle up - it’s about to get wild.


In the beginning of 2018, we were contacted by SONY Music who wanted us to write and produce a cinematic trailer for the audio book "One Man's Treasure".

After several weeks of pre production, we shot the trailer, recorded the voice over, and began editing, color grading, and making visual effects.



The idea behind “Wedo - Food Symphony” was to avoid the cliche restaurant commercial format and instead focus on the what makes Wedo stand out - their high quality ingredients.

We created the original score by recording sounds of the actual ingredients which we then used to create the stomp sounding track that serves as the back bone of the video.


The Danish design gallery Adorno asked us to come up with a video concept for their “Now Nordic” exhibition. This resulted in a short-documentary series where we presented the methods and thoughts behind the pieces.

We also shot the official photographies of the Now Nordic collection.


Trommen asked us to make a teaser for their new Cinema & Proscenium, in connection with the opening of their newly renovated culture house.

With a super tight deadline and ongoing renovation, we found our selves shooting from dusk to dawn whilst masking the unfinished parts of the auditorium. None the less, we are proud of the final result.

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